What to do in case you loose your passport. TIPS


Steps to follow in case of loosing your passport:

  1. Ask for help in your hotel, probably the concierge will help you contact the authorities, either local and your countries.
  2. Find and contact the nearest embassy or consulate. You’ll need to report your lost or stolen passport to the consular section specifically. If you read forward you’ll find a list of contact numbers. Describe to the consular officer what happened to you, if it was stolen or if it was misplace. Also specify your date of departure, there is always the possibility to have a permit or emergency passport to travel in the next 24 hours.
  3. Most likely you’ll have to report to the police the stolen or lost passport. Although filing a police report could not be necessary, that depends on each country, it can help to confirm the fact that your passport was stolen.
  4. Take a new passport photo. You can do this before leaving home, I always travel with a couple of ID and passport photos. And this will help speed up the process of getting a replacement passport.
  5. You’ll need to fill an application form for a new passport and a statement regarding your lost or stolen passport. This forms can be found in the consulate websites, so make sure to print them before leaving the hotel. Besides the application you’ll need to fill an statement regarding a lost or stolen passport, which will ensure your passport is invalidated, preventing anyone else from being able to use it.

Documents you’ll need:

  • Your new passport photo
  • Some type of identification such as a driver’s license
  • Some type of travel itinerary (airplane or train ticket)
  • Evidence citizenship (a birth certificate or photocopy of your missing passport)
  • Your application for a passport and statement regarding your lost or stolen passport if you’ve filled those forms out
  • Money, you’ll need to pay for the new passport.

To get the new passport you’ll have to wait unless you ask for an emergency passport the waiting time can be a couple of days or up to six week. The emergency passport (if you’re scheduled to leave the country almost immediately), once you get home you’ll need to issue a full-validity passport.

NOTE: consider that most consulates or embassies can’t issue passports on weekends or holidays. On less it’s life or death emergencie, in which case travelers can contact an after-hours duty officer to issue a passport.