Mexico City is host to thousands of events each year and the number of outstanding venues means there is always something happening somewhere in the city.  Follow my tips to find out what’s happening when and where and for more information on the events I mentioned in my blog post.

General tips

  • I usually find that the Mexican Ticketmaster website is a good place to start when checking out music, theatre, arts and sporting events.  The website is available in English and it really is as easy as selecting your date range.
  • Tickets for some events in Mexico get more expensive as the date approaches so check well in advance for the best deals.
  • Another great website for events is Time Out Mexico (website in Spanish).
  • Make sure to follow the official Facebook page of the Mexico City Tourism Trust / Fondo Mixto de Promoción Turística del Distrito Federal.
  • A great venue for local and international music catering to the uber trendy crowd is Auditorio Blackberry.

Large-scale music festivals

  • Vive Latino – 3 day rock festival (although not strictly limited to rock).  Takes place between April and May.
  • Corona Capital – the country’s leading, 2-day music festival.  Takes place in October.

Gibson GuitarTown Tips

  • As I mentioned in my blog post, the Gibson GuitarTown launch night was held in Chapultepec Park and seeing the woods was magical.  I’ve discovered that guided evening walks take place on Wednesday evenings.  See here for details.
  • You can see the 10 foot replica Les Paul guitars, customised by local artists, on display along Reforma Avenue between the Angel of Independence statue and the Diana the Huntress fountain until November 30th 2014.
  • For more info see:

La Carrera Panamericana (Panamerican Car Race) Tips

Safety tips

  • Dress for the concert. Although this doesn’t directly apply to safety, in Mexico in some venues they’ll ask you to remove your belt, and they’ll body search you and look in bags and purses, removing any drinks you may have brought.  In stadiums or outside forums, try to dress as simple as possible. If the event is outdoor, remember to bring a hat and sunblock.
  • Some places don’t allow photography so don’t bring big professional cameras and lenses.  If in doubt, check with the venue beforehand.
  • Stay hydrated. Most venues sell refreshments and beer, some will have a full bar.  Most of the times you’ll have to pay with cash so come prepared!
  • Money and jewellery. Dress simply and don’t wear flashy jewellery. If possible, don’t bring a purse, bag or backpack.  The less you have to take care of, the better, and that way you are free to let your hair down.  Keep money out of sight.  Consider putting it in your front pocket of your pants or in a money belt. Also, avoid flashing your money around. If people see you with large sums of money, you could become a target.
  • Transportation. When there is a massive concert the metro closes in the nearby stations, so is better to arrange your transportation before the concert, maybe a taxi service. Note that regular taxis will charge double or triple their regular fare.