Mexico City is a city for kids and all the family. TIPS


If you plan on traveling with children, planning ahead is very important. take one day at a time and make sure to have time off in your schedule.

chloe_mexicocity_parks_07While visiting the attractions of the city, make sure to bring snacks and plenty of water along, as well as wipes and some toys for the park. A change of clothes is also a good idea especially for children under 7.

Make sure to Involve them in the activities and give them some responsibilities like carrying their own stuff in a small backpack.

Always talk to them about the plans and things they want to do, talk about history like a story. Reading about Mexico before your trip will prepare them to enjoy it more.

Don’t forget to check what children’s activities are schedule in regular museums.

Main attractions

1. Papalote Museo del Niño
Av Constituyentes 268, Daniel Garza, Miguel Hidalgo, 11830 Ciudad de México, D.F.

2. Six Flags
Carr. Picacho-Ajusco Km 1.5, Héroes de Padierna, Tlalpan, 14200

3. Granja las Américas
Boulevard Pípila, Acceso n.º 3 al Hipódromo, Colonia Lomas de Sotelo, Del. Miguel Hidalgo.

4. Museo de Cera
Calle Londres No.6, Cuauhtémoc, Juárez, 06600.

5. Jump-In
Av. Río Churubusco 1072, Esquina Eje 5 sur,  Plaza Zentralia local 11.

6. Desierto de los leones
Parque El Desierto de los Leones, Col. La Venta, Del. Cuajimalpa de Morelos 5520 México, D. F.

Circuito Cultural de Ciudad Universitaria S/N, Coyoacán, Ciudad Universitaria, 04510

8. Monumento a la Revolución
Plaza de la República S/N, Tabacalera, Cuauhtémoc, 06030 Ciudad de México, D.F.