Driving in Mexico City, rentals and car sharing. TIPS


There are different options for car rental in Mexico City, please read below to learn more about the paperwork and requirements.

You will need a driver’s license (you need one that shows at least one year of driving experience). Some car rental companies will ask for your passport as well.

A credit card is a must, they won’t accept a debit card or other kind of payment.

You must be at least 21 years old, and for those under 25 years of age additional fees may apply. The insurance could be more expensive.

Additional drivers must be registered and also show their driver’s license. Extra fees may may apply.

If a renter wishes to add an additional driver to the rental policy, the second driver must be 25 years or older and present their valid driver’s license and credit card or, at some locations, a debit card.

Before renting a car call your credit card company and ask if they have any car coverage options. They might have advice regarding which insurance you should buy from the car rental agency.

When you are given your rental car, make sure everything is in order. check for dents, scratches, so on, and tell the agent if you see any issues, so they can not it in your record.

It’s always better to book in advance to secure a better deal and to ensure that a car will be available.

Some car rental companies at certain offices offer extra amenities such as a GPS system, a pass for the toll on highways, car seats for children, delivery service to your hotel, and so on.

Some advice

There are plenty of parking garages around the city and most restaurants have valet parking.

Most midrange and top-end hotels have guest garages, some can be expensive.

There are some neighborhoods that have street parking meters, so make sure to bring extra change because they only accept coins. You will find them in Cuauhtémoc, Roma, Condesa and Polanco. You’ll need your license plate number, so take note before paying. The parking meters operate from 8 am to 8 pm, but some areas have extended hours until 1 am.

Make sure to go through a reputable car rental agency. If you search the internet you’ll find many options from independent car rentals companies to major  international agencies such as Hertz and Avis.

VERY IMPORTANT! Mexican Liability Insurance
Mexican liability insurance is mandatory in Mexico. Make sure to ask about it when renting a car. This insurance may increase the cost of your car rental fee.

“Hoy no circula” program

Hoy No Circula’ (Don’t Drive Today) program bans many vehicles from being driven in the city between 5am and 10pm on one day each week (see below ehat day your car is subject to his). Additionally vehicles nine years and older are prohibited from operating one Saturday a month. Rental cars and vehicles with a calcomanía de verificación (emissions verification sticker) with a double zero are exempted from the driving restrictions.

The last digit of the license-plate number determines the day when the car cannot circulate:
Monday 5, 6
Tuesday 7, 8
Wednesday 3, 4
Thursday 1, 2
Friday 9, 0


The city has seen some improvement in the last couple of years in terms of highways. One of this improvements is the second level of the Periferico. A part of it is free access and the sections with tolls are automated. For this reason, it is important to be aware when renting a car. There are two systems to pay: one is Tag Televia and the other one is Iave.
More Info: http://www.telepeajedinamico.mx/

Is an  excellent option if you need a car for a couple of hours. Except if you plan to use it all day, then it will be cheaper to go to a car rental agency.
Cost: it depends on the type of car. Prices can vary from 50 pesos to 90 pesos per hour plus: 3-5 pesos per KM.
More info: http://www.carrot.mx/site/

For further information:

Julio Verne 3, Col. Polanco 2da.Sección, Del. Miguel Hidalgo, C.P. 11550. 01800 709 5000.

Campos Eliseos 185 Bis, Polanco, C.P. 11560.
55 280 1301.

Av. Paseo de la Reforma #208 Local A, Col. Juárez, Del. Cuauhtémoc.
5533 7161.

Hotel Sheraton María Isabel.
Paseo de la Reforma 325, Cuauhtémoc, C.P. 06500.
5207 5541. www.facebook.com/AlamoRentACarMx