Why this blog? And why Mexico City?


My name is Chloe.  I live for travel and adventure and for a long time, I have dreamt of living in Mexico, learning about the culture, improving my Spanish, and generally immersing myself in the eclectic atmosphere that a city of such a scale is sure to generate.  Many people think I am crazy to pick such a huge metropolis with over 21 million inhabitants but my thinking is: the bigger the city, the more there is to see and do!  I’m told that no other country in Latin America has such a vibrant mix of cultures, food, colours, traditions, languages, music etc. and to experience all of this at a time when the city is going through a cultural revival is just too tempting to ignore.

So, here I am packing my bags and saying my goodbyes to family and friends and preparing myself for the trip of a lifetime.  I know some of them are worried about me living in a city that most of us believe has issues with safety but I am determined to face the challenges head-on and find out for myself whether the stereotypical image has any truth to it.  To put my family’s mind at rest and to help out fellow travellers to this country, I plan to document my journey via a series of video blogs in which I not only visit the coolest sights of Mexico City, but I will also share tips and recommendations on how to stay safe during your time here, as well as practical tips that will save you time and money!

In the meantime, I am busy researching the sights and making lists of all the things I want to see and do.  Did you know that Mexico City claims to have more museums than any other city in the world?  Not to mention the jaw-dropping pre-Hispanic ruins that can be found everywhere from the central plaza in the heart of the city to the remotest of jungles and coastlines,  and which even include one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.  There seems to be something for everyone and I am wondering how I will fit so much into my itinerary!

As a foodie, I am also excited about sampling the weird and wonderful cooking that this culinary capital has to offer.  From street tacos to Michelin stars, I have heard there is so much more to Mexican food than the inauthentic Tex-Mex we all associate with it.  Traditional Mexican cuisine has been listed as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO and is described as being symbol-laden and elaborate, using native ingredients.  For those of you who can’t come to Mexico or maybe aren’t as adventurous with your intestines, I will try anything once so you don’t have to.  Bring on the grasshoppers, ant eggs, maguey worms and the hottest of chillies!

Through my videos, I plan to take you all with me as I tour the hip bars and restaurants, quirky markets, kitsch boutiques, bohemian neighbourhoods and city parks, as well as the unmissable tourist destinations.   So join me on my fascinating adventure in this whimsical city as I sample the world-famous Mexican hospitality and friendliness and see first-hand whether there is any foundation to our preconceived ideas about this captivating country.

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