What to do in case you loose your passport

When preparing for your trip you will be thinking in all the positives, adventures, new experiences, new people, new places, and you’ll forget some little things that can help you in the worst case scenario. Traveling always has its ups an downs, like loosing something so important like a passport. But it’s a possibility you have to consider before you leave home.

A passport is the only identification valid and recognize in every country you, it allows you leave your own country and return home. Loosing it can make you feel helpless. But if you know the steps to follow before even leaving home you’ll be fine.

Just remember that your are not the first neither the last person to lose a passport. The procedure to get a new passport will vary between the different embassy’s, the important thing is to have handy your information, a couple of photos and a photocopy of your passport, it also helps to have a photocopy of your birth certificate and other ID that can identify you.

A good idea is to have it in a PDF or JPG format in your mail for an emergency you will be able to print it for proof of ID. Most of the Embassys will want you to make a report of loss to the police before you can start the paperwork with them.

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