Mexico City is pet friendly

One of the toughest decisions I made when I decide to spend several month in Mexico City it was to take or not to take all about Maya, my little best friend, with me.

I had many concerns, about health, permits, transportation and most of all if Mexico City was a pet friendly destination. One of my friends ask me if my little Maya was ready to travel, considering I was not just traveling but staying for an extended period of time I started researching.

Is important to check with your veterinary if your pet is ready for a trip, also if your pet gets stress easily. And one thing is sure, if you are not going to have time to spend with your pet there is no point in bringing him along. Is better to have a dog sitter at home or some one that can take it home while you are away.

Once you thin about where your pet would be happiest, and you decided to travel with your pet I can assure you that you’ll have an awesome pet friendly vacation in Mexico City. 

I have not regret having Maya with me there are so many spaces where your little friend will be welcome, parks, restaurants, coffee places and hotels.

My first week before I could settle in an apartment I stay in The W Mexico City Hotel, they were so helpful and well prepare to accommodate the canine companions. They have plates, food, and a bed ready for Maya. In every hotel that is pet friendly there are also some rules, the first one is the size of your pet, how well trained is it, how noisy, and of course in the public areas of the hotel alway have a leash.

There are few things in life a dog loves more than running off-leash with his canine comrades. In many parks around the city dogs are allowed, in most of them dogs have to be in a leash and you have to pick after them, so bring a plastic bag with you.

And two of the most pet friendly neighborhoods I found are Condesa and Roma, while walking in different streets I found water available for the four legged friends.

In all the reading I did before bringing Maya to Mexico, I found that cats are a less likely travel companion, so for those that really love their feline friends I visited La Gateria a coffee place where you can pet some cats that are there for adoption.

If you want to know more about the requirements to bring your pet in to the country you should check my TIPs section.