Mexico City is a culinary capital and has a great fine dinning scene

Mexico City is a culinary capital in Latin America and has a great fine dinning scene. Many author restaurants with emerging chefs will surprise your palate with their creations, as well so many Mexican restaurants that rescue prehispanic recipes and some that are evolving the traditional grandma recipes into sophisticated dishes, some will say is the “Nouvelle Mexican Coucine”.

Fisrt of all, Mexican food is about so much more than just tacos, each region of the country has it’s own kind of food, the variety of recepies and ingredients use is amazing, you just have to step in a market and see the produce and the quality they have, in Mexico city you can find fresh fruits and vegetables full of flavor all year round. (To see more about the markets, make sure to check the blog entry about markets).

Mexican cuisine has an immense depth of flavour, combining savoury, earthy and fresh flavours to create vibrant, colourful and most importantly delicious dishes.

Here in the city one of the obvious stops, and must be the first one is to try the tacos al pastor, also make sure to see the chapter about tacos. So after this first stop in the culinary experience in Mexico city you have to visits one of the fine dinning restaurants, in the video you’ll see I went to Los Danzantes an emblematic restaurant in the heart of Coyoacan neighborhood.

This 2015, Los Danzantes Coyoacán celebrates its 20th anniversary cooking the flavors of Mexico, using the ingredients of the tradicional cousine but in a new way and new combinations. It’s purpose is to creat an emotional conections through the 5 senses, Besides all this modernized traditonal flavors you’ll find a variety of Mezcals, even their own brand, and a menu of Mexican wine. In Los Danzantes they gice importance to the origine of the of the products, so the vegetables they use are cultivated organically and come from their own chinampa in Xochimilco.

One of my favorite dishes is the Hoja Santa, they even call it the queen of their menu. It consist on a Mexican pepperleaf (aromatic herb) stuffed with goat cheese and queso Oaxaca (string cheese), in green sauce and brown chipotle. You can eat it yourself or share it as a starter. Other is the Huitlacoche y queso, huitlacoche (a fungus that grows on corn, considered a delicacy) and cheese served with country bread, for me is a perfect combination of flavors. But there are more amazing dishes to try like the Duck Enchiladas, Chamorro en Penca and more.

There are other mexican fine dining restaurants that you can visit in the city, I’m going to share a list of the best in my TIPs section.

But besides the Mexican new cousine you’ll find author restaurants, french, Italian, japanese, chinees and all kinds of international gourmet and fine dining restaurants.

A premium culinary brand, opened J&G Grill, a Jean-Georges Vongerichten concept restaurant, located in the St. Regis Mexico city right on the Paseo de la Reforma, just steps away from the iconic Fountain of Diana, Angel of Independence Plaza, and the historic Chapultepec Castle.

Olivier Deboise Mendez has the role of Chef de Cuisine at J&G Grill Mexico City, he explains that the concept is inspire by local an seasonal products. They go to the market and the farms and have fresh and best quality products, so the menu is change seasonaly always taking care of mantaining the quality that distingish this restaurant.

Chef Olivier showcased his unique Franco-Mexican spirit in his gastronomic creations, always inpire in the comfortable yet elegant culinary experience in the J&G Grill, where always combines a curated selection of Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s greatest appetizers, side dishes and accompaniments from his portfolio of restaurants around the world.

I was amazaed by the two signature dishes Hamachi Sashimi, with shiitake mushrooms, soy- yuzu dressing and chives; and the fantastic Crab Ravioli, with fresh herbs.

If you love Italian food you shouldn’t miss Ristorante Amici. Italian cuisine comprises fresh salads, homemade pasta dishes, and indulgent desserts. Located in the Sheraton right in fron of the Angel of Indpendence Plaza. On Sundays, they have a brunch on the terrace and enjoy the best view of the Angel.

A lot of the top hotels of the city have amazing restaurants with international names and local specialities. Make sure to check out my website where I ‘ll put a top 10 list of restaurants you must visit in my TIPs section.