Every road takes you to Mexico City, definitely it is a destination with in Mexico

The main roads of the country, including the Panamerican Highway crosses through Mexico City. You can say that every road takes you to Mexico City. And this days is one of the safest cities with many attractions and things to do and experience. Besides being so well connected with the rest of the country.

Is quit easy to travel from other destinations to Mexico City, there are freeways and toll highways, most of the toll highways are in great conditions and are safe to drive in them,  you can also drive faster than in the freeways and they take you to almost every region of the country.

There are 5 main roads to enter the city:

Puebla- Mexico City:This road comes from the east and connects the city to Puebla, Veracruz, Oaxaca and/or all the beautiful east States where you find destinations like Veracruz, Campeche, Merida and Yucatán. As most of the roads that get to the city the entrance is a little caotic and confusing ahaving a GPS in case you are driving or a good map will help you alot.  You’ll enter in Calzada Zaragoza, a 10km avenue that will conecto to Río de la Piedad also called Viaducto Miguel Alemán, from there you’ll find roads that will take you to any direction in the city. This entrance also can take you to Mexico City International Airport. And if you travel to Cancun or Playa del Carmenand rent a car to visit the country this is the road you’ll end up to come to Mexico City.

Queretaro- Mexico City: This road comes from the north of the country, it conects the city to Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende, Real de Catorce and other main attractions. If you cross the USA border from Monterrey to com to the city you’ll end up in this road. You’ll cross Tepotzotlán, Satélite and Toreo adn you’ll get to Polanco, by then you’ll be in the Periferico the speed road that surounds the city.  

Pachuca- Mexico City: Also coming from the north, this road will connect the city to Teotihuacan and  Pachuca, Hidalgo and northern Veracruz. this road becomes Insurgentes Avenue, the largest street in the city, which it actually crosses the city from north to south. This road will give you access to Centro Histórico (Downtown) and Zona Rosa. 

Toluca- Mexico City: If you are coming from Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta, Guadalajara and Morelia this is the road you’ll end up. I can say this is the less caotic entrance to the city as it crosses Santa Fe business area with ist high-rises with amazing modern architecture, this road come into Refroma (Lomas) and Constotuyentes streets, the first one will take you to Reforma Avenue, Polanco and Downtown, Contituyentes will take to Roma and Condesa.

Cuernavaca- Mexico City: From the south, this is a very busy road in the week ends as a lot of people have week en cabins and houses in Morelos. So if you drive from Morelos during the weekend you’ll find no traffic to enter the city. I you are coming from Puerto Escondido, Acapulco, Taxco, Cuernavaca, Tepoztlan, this is the road that will take you to the Mexico City. Once you are in the city you can take one of three main streets: Insurgentes, Tlalpan or Periferico. Tlalpan will take you strait to Centro Historico (Downtown).

If you are not willing to drive there are mayor bus services from every direction, you’ll find modern and comfortable buses with first class service, you can even sleep in them in a much comfortable seat than in any airplane. Some of the bus services like ETN, Primera Plus, Estrella Roja, ADO GL and ADO Platino even have personal screens and will give you a drink and a snack before you board the bus.

If you are concern about your safety you hae to know that the main bus companies have very strict rules and operations, they’ll examin the health of the drivers before leaving the station and will inspect the equipment.

I’m sure that traveling by bus across the country to get to and from Mexico City will exceed your expectations. Most of the first class services are much better than what the USA and UK bus services offer. Different companies operate different routes (usually by region), although competition does exist and therefore prices are kept competitive.

After you start your trip in Mexico you realise that Mexican guest service is one of the best of the world, by nature they are very  very kind. So far traveling by bus has bean a great experience for me and highly recommend it is hazle free in comparison to renting a car and driving.