After-office in Mexico City, all you need to know about the early evening activities

When you come to Mexico City you’ll realize how hectic and interesting life can be here. This cosmopolitan city has so much to offer. In every neighborhood different styles of bars and restaurants will be waiting for you.

chloe_afteworks_06From a soccer match to the Independence Day or a  birthday, a farewell or welcome, there is always a reason to party and celebrate. Really, the word party can be use every day of the week.

You should know never to book a meeting on Friday especially after 2 pm. Mexicans love to relax on Friday, go to eat and stay at the restaurants for the “sobre mesa” (“over table” or “after table”) which means they’ll talk, drink and eat, maybe until sunset.

The meal clock in Mexico works differently: people have breakfast before work around 7-8 am, lunch is the main meal and takes place between 2 and 4 pm, and dinner is around 8-9-10 or later. This is usually a lighter meal than what is accustomed in countries that see dinner as the main meal. There are restaurants, taco places, and food stands open all day and night.

In order to learn more about this, I spoke with Ricardo Cortina a.k.a. “Boti”, a well-known PR expert fin the city, who represents many bars and restaurants. Aside from loving the night life and living it big, he will share a list of places he recommends; in this list, he covers the main neighborhoods of the city (You’ll find it my my Tips section of this blog).

chloe_afteworks_04Some of my favorite bars and restaurants of the city  are the Niuyorquina, that has great gin cocktails, El Aserrin where you can try “Pulque Martini”, Mezcales, beer and more, La Cerveceria de Barrio, which has screens verywhere and offers local beer to try while watching many kinds of a matches, from football and soccer to basketball and baseball. Another favorite is the Mojito Room, a place that opens later and features some great salsa dancing opportunities with live band.

Boti also introduced me to Lolo, a French man that started a company called Afterwork, where he organizes events every Wednesday at different bars located in Polanco, Condesa and Roma. Every time he has a different promotion, lwether it is a free drinks or discounts and food. I’ll be posting his activities on Facebook, so make sure to like my page.

If you would like to experience something more traditional, you can either go to Garibaldi plaza, where you can visit the Museum of Tequila and Mezcal, or to other places like Guadalajara de Noche and Tenampa, where you can have a drink and listen to real Mariachis. If you don’t feel like going to Garibaldi, you can visit  bar called Jorongo at the Maria Isabel Sheraton on Reforma. They have live music, great singers, good food and drinks, and easier access.

Relaxing and taking it easy

chloe_afteworks_08If you feel like you need to rest and relax, this city has many great spas. In Mexico City you don’t need to sacrifice small luxuries while travelling; no matter what your budget, you’ll find a spa experience to suit you and believe me, you will deserve it after a few days of accustoming to the magnitude, magnificence and mayhem of Mexico City.

Aztec and Mayan civilisations knew the benefits of purifying and pampering the body and many modern treatments are influenced by pre-Hispanic traditions. Even for those of you who don’t normally indulge in spa treatments back home, after a few days of keeping up with the pace of DF, a spa experience is wholly justified in my opinion.

The luxurious Remede Spa in St. Regis Mexico City and the Spa Marquis located in Marquis Reforma hotel, the fun and economic Chen Zhi-Fu oriental massage spa in Colonia Juarez, and independent spas with amazing treatments like Vulá at Polanco with an amazing variety of treatments.

Make sure to check my tips where you can find more info about places to go.